The Hotel Europe
A centre in the centre of Davos

The Hotel Europe offers its guests on 365 days the year:

• exclusivity & first-class service
• consumption & various range of gastronomy
• variety & cosiness
• experience & relaxation
• sleep & nightlife
• showtime & shopping

…and this all under one roof.

The traditional attractiveness of Davos is reflected at Hotel Europe with every step.
Thereby the central location becomes almost a side issue.

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Names like "Curhaus Davos" and "Palace Hotel" displays the spirit of the ages from 1868 to the present day.
The Belle Epoque of the 30th made the hotel – named Palace during this period – to the highlight of Davos` social life.
Witnesses of the great yesterdays and the standard of advanced comfort provide today’s hospitable image of the HOTEL EUROPE.

Management and Team of the Hotel Europe
are delighted to arrange you an unforgettable stay in Davos
to make every moment a beautiful memory.

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